Local History Bytes

Episode 1: Huntington Rural Cemetery, Conklin Gould

The establishment of the Huntington Rural Cemetery and Conklin Gould, an early Lloyd Harbor resident.

Follow-up to Episode 1, Pop Quiz: Who is the most famous contemporary person buried in the Huntington Rural Cemetery? Click here for the answer.


Episode 2: South Huntington Public Library & South Huntington Schools

This episode covers the establishment of the South Huntington Public Library. Also, PJ will discuss the South Huntington Schools during the baby boomer era, and continues that discussion in the Pop Quiz section following.

Follow-up to Episode 2, Pop Quiz: Can you name all District 13 public schools during its population peak in 1969, and can you name the only school building that is no longer standing and why? Click here to find out.


Episode 3: Rock Stars

Many towns and cities across America like to mark historic locations and events by attaching informational plaques to substantial rocks that are not likely to be moved. Huntington is no exception. In this episode, PJ will cover some of the various important rock markers around town.

Follow-up to EPISODE 3, Pop Quiz: There is another Nathan Hale monument in Huntington besides the Nathan Hale rock. It is not a rock, but it is mostly made of rock. Do you know where it is? Click here for information on that monument and the man behind it!


Episode 4: Take Me Out to the "Old" Ball Game

In this episode we will take a look at the early days of baseball in Huntington.

Follow-up to Episode 4, Pop Quiz: During the first part of this episode there were two references to the Fair Grounds Racetrack. Do you know where it was located? PJ discusses the Fair Grounds Racetrack here.


Episode 5: Let's Go Parking! Town Parks

PJ takes us on a stroll through Halesite Park and Heckscher Park.

Follow-up to Episode 5, Pop Quiz: In 2019, for the first time in Huntington History, a street was renamed after a prominent female resident of the past. Do you know who that is, and where the street it? Find out the answer here.


Episode 6: "The Mall" Walt Whitman Shopping Center

Did you “hang-out” in the Mall? Let’s talk about it!

Follow-up to Episode 6, Pop Quiz: Do you know WHAT & WHERE something happened on May 16, 1991 at the Mall? Click here to find out.


Episode 7, Part 1: George McKesson Brown and "Coindre Hall"

George McKesson Brown was a New York City millionaire who settled down in Huntington on a beautiful piece of property along the harbor. He was the man who had Coindre Hall built, which, back in the 1910s was just George McKesson Brown’s home on a farm. Little is known about George, but using primary sources PJ has pieced together an overview of his life in this two-part episode.


Episode 7, Part 2: George McKesson Brown and "Coindre Hall"

Part 2 of the story of George McKesson Brown and his many tragic times.