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Activate complimentary access to The Athletic website and app. The Athletic, a New York Times company, delivers in-depth sports coverage of your favorite teams and leagues. Access includes everything from breaking news and live commentary to long-form features, exclusive interviews, podcasts and more. You will need to log in or register first to activate your 72 hour access. 

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Britannica Escolar - Both Levels

Britannica Escolar es la base de datos indicada para aprender sobre cualquier tema. Para el uso de todos los grados de Pre-K al 12, y todas habilidades de lectura. Ofrece miles de artículos relevantes, imágenes, videos, clips de audio, recursos primarios,mapas, herramientas para investigar, y páginas en la red recomendadas que están al día con el currículo.

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Mango Languages

Mango is the only personalized, adaptive language-learning experience that provides the tools and guidance you need to expand your language skills wherever and however you learn best. This award-winning language-learning platform engages learners of all levels with specific methodology and features that build speaking skills and retention with over 70 world languages and more than 20 ESL/ELL courses.

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MasterClass 7-Day Access

Learn practical skills, ignite new passions, and gain wisdom from experts in their field. Courses can be viewed on the MasterClass website or through their mobile app. Complete the form to request 7-day access. You will receive an email from MasterClass as soon as the next pass is available. A waiting list will be established if all passes are in use. MasterClass is available for valid South Huntington Public Library cardholders only.  


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