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Start Date : Tuesday, September 17, 2019 [nothing.gif]

Start Time : 2:30 PM
Location : Meeting Room
Limited To : n/a
Program Size : n/a
Registration Required ? : No
Permission Slip Required ? : No
Program Status : Past
Program Description : Sciatica sufferers rejoice! There is an answer to your pain and it doesn't involve surgery or addictive medications. In this hands-on workshop you will not only learn, but actually do the exercises needed to reduce your painful nerve pain running down your leg. Some frequently asked questions answered at the workshop include, "If I've tried Physical Therapy before, how will these exercises help me more?" "How can I get better if my MRI says I have stenosis/ hernitated disc/arthritis?" and "I've had pain for so long, how can anything besides a Vicodin or a scalpel take off the edge?" No need to bring anything but your attention and curiosity for Dr. Daniel Davids PT's Sciatica Relief Workshop. All welcome.

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