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Start Date : Saturday, March 30, 2019  -  Additional Dates : 3/2 (Registration) [nothing.gif]

Start Time : 3:00 PM
Location : Community Room
Limited To : n/a
Program Size : 290
Registration Required ? : Yes
Permission Slip Required ? : No
Registration Begins : Registration for South Huntington Public Library cardholders begins 3/2/2019 at 9:00 AM.
Program Status : Past
Program Description : Join Steve Petra and his puppets for this show that will entertain the whole family. Go along with Ultra Duck on a heroic quest for the perfect ravioli. See Eric the mild-mannered sheep transform into Super Sheep. Valiant volunteers from the audience contend with the villainous Gorgonzilla and his nasty eyebrows. Learn the secret of the Hero Scope and play a mind-twisting game of Defeat the Cheese. South Huntington cardholders can get free tickets beginning March 2. Tickets are valid until 2:50 p.m., when non-ticket holders will be seated, if there is space.

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