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Start Date : Thursday, April 27, 2017 [nothing.gif]

Start Time : 7:00 PM
Location : Theater
Limited To : n/a
Program Size : n/a
Registration Required ? : No
Permission Slip Required ? : No
Program Status : Past
Program Description : The Broadway Playbill has been around for over a century and is easily recognizable by its cover which showcases the "Playbill" banner in yellow with black text and a visual representation of the particular theatre production filling the rest of the page. When a theatre patron arrives at a Broadway show, he or she is handed a copy before taking a seat. What is its importance? During this interactive presentation, we travel back in time in order to learn about the Playbill's history as well as what it can teach us about our history by thumbing through its pages. We will also touch upon the reasons why some choose to collect these memorable theater keepsakes. You will also find out about "stage dooring" and how you can see shows for less than $50. All welcome.

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