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Start Date : Thursday, November 3, 2016 [nothing.gif]

Start Time : 7:00 PM
Location : Theater
Limited To : n/a
Program Size : n/a
Registration Required ? : No
Permission Slip Required ? : No
Program Status : Past
Program Description : Professor Michael D'Innocenzo will present "Capitulation to Racism," in which he will discuss the failure of Reconstruction post Civil War and how a nation moving in the direction of its celebrated democratic principles was moved towards and ultimately capitulated to racism. When Professor D'innocenzo began studying the Civil War over 50 years ago, Andrew Johnson was considered a hero and the ‘Radical Republicans" in Congress were labeled as dangerous "Jacobins." This talk will focus on how and why the nation did not follow the path of reconstruction and why the "radical" leadership initiatives failed as opponents of progress rallied against the former slaves' freedom and began to find means of eroding the gains for which many had shed their blood.

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