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  1. Yoga with Props
    Time : 9:30 AM
    Location : Meeting Room
    Details : Instructor Cathy Daniels will lead you through yoga postures with the use of props, which provide support for the body and enhance yoga postures to provide you a deeper experience. Please bring a yoga mat, two blocks and a yoga strap to class. There is a $15 fee, payable at registration, beginning Jan. 6 for South Huntington cardholders; all others Jan. 13.
  2. Decorate Your Library Canvas Bag
    Time : 2:00 PM
    Location : Young Adult Room
    Details : Come and joins us and decorate your own library canvas bag! Create a stylish bag to carry your books in when you visit the library. All materials will be provided, please dress for a mess!! Registration begins February 3.
  3. Learn to Draw with Art Teacher Amy
    Time : 2:00 PM
    Location : Program Room
    Details : Art Teacher Amy will take you step-by-step through a drawing of a polar bear. Learn to shade with oil pastels and paint with watercolors! No experience necessary. Register February 3.
  4. To Etta with Love . . . In the Key of Stevie
    Time : 7:00 PM
    Location : Community Room
    Details : Rhonda Denet and the Silver Fox Songs Quartet will celebrate two icons of soul: Etta James, the matriarch of R & B, and musical genius Stevie Wonder. Free tickets are available to South Huntington cardholders beginning Feb. 3. Tickets are valid until 6:50 p.m., when non-ticket holders will be seated, if there is space.
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