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  1. Register for Cooking Class: Rosemary Focaccia Bread on 9/28
    Time : 9:00 AM
    Location : Program Room
    Details : The Baking Coach will help you make delicious rosemary focaccia bread with an easy one-bowl recipe. Each participant will take one home to bake and enjoy! There is a $10 fee, payable at registration beginning Sept. 7 for South Huntington cardholders; others Sept. 14.
  2. Register for Discovery Club on 9/14
    Time : 9:30 AM
    Location : Program Room
    Details : Get super-crafty, explore new art techniques, and experiment with engineering in this fun, weekly workshop. Enjoy snacks and games, too. Register September 7.
  3. Tai Chi for Energy
    Time : 9:30 AM
    Location : Meeting Room
    Details : Instructor Rosanne Pawluk will teach this form, which combines movements from Chen and Sun styles to produce a powerful synergy. There is a $42 fee, payable at registration beginning Aug. 10 for South Huntington cardholders; others Aug. 17.
  4. Thursday Yoga
    Time : 11:00 AM
    Location : Meeting Room
    Details : None
  5. Thursday Knitting Group
    Time : 1:30 PM
    Location : Meeting Room
    Details : Meet other knitters in the community. Bring your latest project and knit with others. Experienced knitters can help you learn something new or work with you to fix a mistake. The group gathers in the Meeting Room on the Lower Level.
  6. North Shore Civil War Roundtable
    Time : 7:00 PM
    Location : Theater
    Details : Join us as St. John's University Professors Howard Ehrlich and Harvey Sackowitz discuss the troubled life of President Lincoln's wife. A privileged daughter of the proud clan that founded Lexington, Kentucky, Mary Todd was raised in a world of frontier violence and subjected to her first abandonment at age six when her mother died. Mary fled a hostile stepmother for Springfield, Illinois. Here she met and, after a stormy romance, married the raw Illinois attorney, Abraham Lincoln. For 25 years the Lincolns forged opposing temperaments into a tolerant loving marriage. Mary was at her husband's side the night of his assassination, and never recovered from that greatest in a series of grievous abandonments. The desperate measures she took to win the acknowledgement she sought all her life finally led to the shock of a public insanity hearing instigated by her eldest son. Join us for the shocking and tragic story of one of America's most significant first ladies. All welcome.
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