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  1. Register for Dance Fitness on 4/1
    Time : 9:00 AM
    Location : Meeting Room
    Details : Get fit while having fun. Instructor Sharon Diodato will teach you simple dance routines set to great music. There is a $15 fee, payable at registration beginning March 11 for South Huntington cardholders; others March 18.
  2. Chair Yoga
    Time : 9:30 AM
    Location : Meeting Room
    Details : This is a great class for those new to yoga and/or those with movement and balance concerns. Instructor Maria McEvoy. Fee $21. South Huntington cardholders register Feb. 4, others Feb. 11.
  3. Register for Learn to Draw with Art Teacher Amy on 3/25
    Time : 9:30 AM
    Location : Program Room
    Details : Step-by-step Art Teacher Amy will take you through a drawing of a fishbowl based on Henri Matisse's painting of The Goldfish. Learn to paint with watercolors! No experience necessary. Register March 11.
  4. Register for Paint Afternoon on 3/25
    Time : 9:30 AM
    Location : Young Adult Room
    Details : Bring out the Artist in you, we will have a nice afternoon, where you can let your artistic imagination fly while creating a work of art. All materials will be provides. Please dress for a mess. Register March 11.
  5. Wiggling on the Weekend
    Time : 10:30 AM
    Location : Program Room
    Details : Preschoolers (ages 2-5) and their parents will have fun with early childhood educator, Lisa Havekotte. Together you will enjoy playing, dancing, singing, bubbles, listening to stories and making a cool craft. Register March 4.
  6. Be Our Guest
    Time : 2:30 PM
    Location : Program Room
    Details : Be our guest for an enchanted afternoon filled with all things Beauty and the Beast. We will have crafts, games and snacks centered our favorite tale as old as time. Princes and Princesses can dress to impress, all regal attire is strongly encouraged but not required. Register March 4.
  7. The Liverpool Shuffle
    Time : 7:00 PM
    Location : Community Room
    Details : The Liverpool Shuffle prides itself on performing authentic renditions of songs by The Beatles. South Huntington cardholders can get free tickets beginning March 4. Tickets are valid until 6:50 p.m., when non-ticket holders will be seated, if there is space. (This concert was rescheduled from Jan. 7 because of snow.)
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