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  1. Defensive Driving
    Time : 9:00 AM
    Location : Theater
    Details : Learn to be a better driver and you can save money on your auto insurance. There is a $28 fee payable at registration beginning Feb. 4 for South Huntington cardholders; others Feb. 11.
  2. Belly Dance Workout
    Time : 9:30 AM
    Location : Meeting Room
    Details : Instructor Bibi Bishop will teach basic belly dance moves that will strengthen and tone your core, arms and legs. There is a $12 fee, payable at registration, beginning Jan. 7 for South Huntington cardholders; others Jan. 14.
  3. Lego Club
    Time : 10:30 AM
    Location : Program Room
    Details : Come in to the library and spend some time building with our Legos. Everyone will get the chance to build something based on the month's theme. Participants will have their creations displayed in the library for two weeks. Register February 1.
  4. YA Calligraffiti
    Time : 1:00 PM
    Location : Young Adult Room
    Details : "We know you know how to type and text, but do you long to form fancy letters the old-fashioned way? Then come join us to learn about Calligraphy-- the Art of Beautiful Handwriting. We will learn how to draw our names in the Calligraffiti style-- a bold, fun hand. Free pen!" (All materials included.) Register February 11.
  5. Celebrate Mardi Gras
    Time : 2:00 PM
    Location : Program Room
    Details : Celebrate Mardi Gras by making a festive Mardi Gras mask, using feathers, jewels, and more. No registration required.
  6. Family Night: The Magic of Robert Austin
    Time : 7:00 PM
    Location : Community Room
    Details : Master Magician Robert Austin will amaze and mystify with his spectacular magic. Watch as animals appear and disappear right before your eyes! Someone will be suspended in mid-air -- who knows, it could be you! Featuring lots of fun and audience participation. South Huntington cardholders can get free tickets beginning Feb. 4. Print them online or get them in person at the Circulation desk. Tickets are valid until 6:50 p.m., when non-ticket holders will be seated, if there is space.
* - Denotes registration required.