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  1. Chess for All!
    Time : 2:00 PM
    Location : Young Adult Room
    Details : Due to popular demand - a chess club for ALL! Join other chess enthusiasts to sharpen your skills and maybe learn a new move or two. This is not an instructional class, just a fun environment to play chess. No registration required.
  2. Baking Coach: Love Monsters
    Time : 2:30 PM
    Location : Program Room
    Details : Make two adorable love monsters and take them home in a bakery box. Register February 3.
  3. To Possess A Human Soul: Slavery & the American Presidency
    Time : 2:30 PM
    Location : Theater
    Details : The history of slavery is largely anonymous and the stories of the enslaved are often relegated to a footnote in history. Because of their proximity to American presidents, the histories of those enslaved by these men are well documented although not widely known. Lecturer Marilyn Carminio will tell their stories, and through vivid portraits we will learn about their daily lives and how they made sense of their existence as human beings. During our journey you will meet a Revolutionary War hero; relive dramatic escapes; become acquainted with the first African-American celebrity athletes; attend an important White House dinner and much more. Their stories are sure to inform and inspire you. All welcome.
* - Denotes registration required.